Monday, September 5, 2011

Redd Reunion 2011

Above, Kathryn & Dennis Peters direct the assembly for the Group Photo.
Here are some of the photos I took standing on the ground.

Except for a little cropping, I haven't had time to work with them.
All are available for you to download from Flickr, which only allows one at a time.
Please help me identify more of these people, by sending me the information with the title or number of the photo. I particularly want to find the boy holding the lizard [found! Cy Kearl] because I know he wants to see the photos, and he released the lizard so carefully. If you belong to Flickr, you can also add information to photos there. I apologize for the quantity of photos of Brent--especially to those of you who do not yet appear here--but that gorgeous horse in afternoon light and such a beautiful setting made this the opportunity that photographers dream about.

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We had the reunion!

I took this there and am using it to make sure I can post to this blog. More pictures are on the way! June Hopper Hymas, ReddDescendencyNumber S31 --
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